Between the grace, aesthetics, and artists expression, there is athleticism.

That athleticism is what requires a dancer to train like an athlete.


Private and Semi-Private training is available for dancers who want a personalized program, as well as a more intimate training setting. A program will be catered to specifically target the weaknesses and limitations holding a dancer back, as well as challenge their strengths to continue to enhance their overall potential. 

Be DanceStrong Fortify group training programs provide strength training to dancers who want to create a stronger, and more resilient foundation to support their dancing. Using science backed protocols and industry proven programming, dancers will be educated on all the basic functional strength exercises intended on building overall physical strength and power to set them up for success. 


The Flex programs brings beneficial insight into a dancer's movement limitations by providing protocols designed to create long term changes to range of motion and control. Whether you have a lot of flexibility or not, mobility training will help to increase and strengthen your current level of movement. The result is active range of motion (mobility), with dependable, healthy, and resilient joints to maintain longevity as a dancer. 


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